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Sarah Puckett is a visual artist and aspiring visual arts teacher located in the Niagara Region. She has completed an Honours degree in Visual Arts from Brock University, and anticipates graduating with a Bachelors in Education in 2025. Her primary focuses include graphite and pencil crayon drawings and acrylic paintings, with a passion for exploring the psychological and fantastical within her pieces.

Growing up, Sarah always possessed a love for colour and for the fantastical. Playing pretend with friends, reading wild tales, and watching all the classic fantasy and sci-fi movies. As her practice for art, particularly in painting, became more serious, she used this desire for the whimsical and psychological as a way to express trauma and escapism. Many of her pieces explore connection and liberation on a level personal to her, but maintain a sense of ambiguity in order for viewers to cast their own perspectives. Self-exploration is one of the key themes when it comes to creating her pieces. Feelings of isolation, self-doubt, anxiety, boredom, and chaotic whimsy within one’s mind are all explored. It is through self-accountability and the creation of art that Sarah has found a sense of healing and pride, and her pieces are a reflection of such.

Sarah is passionate about ensuring that the arts remain a valued and essential part of a fulfilled and balanced life. The arts are not merely a luxury, but a fundamental aspect of humanity, weaving together identities, cultures, and understanding through visual creation. Art has the power to transform lives and communities, thus it is essential to keep art education alive and thriving, and to inform students just how powerful and important art is within everyday life.

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