Collection: Svetlana Turov (sFeltLana)

Svetlana Turov (sFeltLana) is a fiber artist based in Burlington, Ontario. Continuing the family tradition of felt work, Svetlana has brought this ancient work into contemporary Art. Her works capture the beauty and tranquility of the ocean in her work by giving it a new look by using captivating colours and eco-friendly materials.

Svetlana's work is inspired by the many moods of the ocean. She is drawn to the ocean's vastness, its power, and its beauty. She uses felting to create works that are both delicate and strong, reflecting the dual nature of the ocean. Her work is also characterized by its use of vibrant colors, which she uses to create a sense of movement and energy. Through her felted creations, she hopes to inspire others to cherish the beauty of our world and help preserve its wonder for generations to come.

Her works have been featured in several exhibitions, including the World of Threads International Festival 2023-2024, where she represented Canadian fiber artists.

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