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Tamara Sutton Grigg was born and raised in St. Catharines, she is a Niagara-based self-taught encaustic artist. Encaustic is an ancient painting medium made of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. She began working with encaustic in 2012 after studying under artist Jan Yates. Building on her understanding of encaustics, Tamara has taken many online courses from 26 different artists. Further, she traveled to Ireland to the Essence of Mulranny Art retreat to learn from artist Regina Quinn.

Her works are inspired by nature and the beauty of the Niagara Region. She retired from her corporate position last August and is now pursuing Art as a second career. Her first solo exhibition in St. Catharines (Nov. – Dec. 2023) was a success, selling 11 paintings.

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