Collection: Winnifred (Wyn) Kalagian

Winnifred (Wyn) Kalagian was born in Niagara Falls and has lived most of her life in the Niagara Region. With her nursing education, she worked in the public health sector for many years. After her retirement 23 years ago, Wyn began developing and exploring her creative skills by attending many different art classes by various artists. Inspired by her travels, she continues to experiment with colour and artistic styles.

Today, she actively participates in art fundraisers for charitable organizations. In 2014, she held a successful solo art exhibit at the Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake entitled PAINTS with PASSION and PURPOSE. The exhibit was to raise funds for a Canadian organization,The Guatemala Stove Project, that provide funds to build masonry cooking stoves that are vented to the outside. These stoves improve the health of the women by venting the toxic smoke the the outside and reducing lung, eye and burn problem.

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