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Butterfly (ADN), 2024

Butterfly (ADN), 2024

$4,200.00 CAD

acrylic and resin on canvas with a black frame

"At some point in our lives, we all experience a pivotal moment when we can finally free ourselves completely from the weight we carry on our shoulders. At that moment, we can take flight and feel that profound freedom, where everything becomes possible. I call these moments turning points, and I know we have many of them during our lives. When it comes to us, it's sometimes hard to let go and let go of the control we want to keep. But keeping in mind that transformation begets evolution, we can't help but ignore our fears and go for it, because the best and brightest is surely ahead of us."


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About Aro

Caroline Bergeron was born in Quebec City in 1975. Her artist name is ARO and represents, besides the diminutive of her first name, three words that have always inspired her: authenticity, romanticism and originality. This future creator of emotions grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. A self-taught artist, she says that art chose her at the age of 42. Who she is today was forged by her entrepreneurial past as director of business development for Campbell’s Soups and as owner of successful restaurants in Old Quebec.

It was during a creation workshop in 2017 that she discovered, after a career as a restaurant owner. This workshop was a revelation for her. it made her change her professional orientation.

Several elements mark her progress, in particular her meeting with Michelle Obama, to present one of her paintings in person, and her exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. The latter allowed her to deepen her knowledge of different artistic movements and made her work evolve considerably.

She has participated in several international group exhibitions, which led her to exhibit in Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has been the subject of several articles, reviews and publications in books and specialized magazines, including the prestigious Architectural Digest in the United States.

In 2018, it was appraised for the first time by an art expert in Canada and, in 2020, it was appraised by Akoun in France, who confirmed its value on the international contemporary art market. That same year, it made its entry into the museum world, in France, with a first exhibition in a contemporary art museum (MACVR3D).

Creating a legacy for future generations is her mission!

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