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John Mann Gallery

Eternal Return, 1991

Eternal Return, 1991


steel, rust and paint

96” x 65” x 34”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2018


Douglas Bentham’s Eternal sculptures embrace notions of time through an interplay of openness and containment, and the constant flux of light and dark that plays across their surfaces. The repetitive nature of the varying, box-like elements, with their tilted floors and ceilings, creates a state of arrested time as a myriad of gestures are coalesced within a single moment.

About Bentham’s Work:

Bentham is a sculptor whose interests lie in structure, materials, forms and nature. He welds non-objective constructions out of factory and weathered sections of steel. The stiff, static inherent qualities of steel are juxtaposed with the rhythm and lightness of the lines he creates using positive and negative shapes. His sculptures directly relate to their environment; he lets the weather rust the steel. Over the years he has used brass, bronze and copper as a means of expanding his vocabulary. Steel has a tendency to absorb and hold light; brass has the unique ability to absorb light and give it back – forever changing under different conditions.

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