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John Mann Gallery

Martha’s Vineyard, 2013

Martha’s Vineyard, 2013


steel, rust and paint

96” x 65” x 34”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2013


The geometric shapes and bright colours contrast with the natural textures and forms in which the sculpture is situated. The sculpture is named after Dan’s wife and recognizes its location in Niagara’s grape growing region.

In 2013 Toronto Artist Daniel Soloman completed this sculpture specifically designed for 13th Street Winery. The piece is designed to function as a beacon, visible from the street, to mark the entrance to the 13th Street Winery.

Soloman designed “Martha’s Vineyard” to be dynamic in space and to be experienced as a fully three-dimensional sculpture which reveals very different perspectives as the viewer moves around the piece. The important role that colour plays in “Martha’s Vineyard” derives from Soloman’s paintings. The intense colour was used to create a bold and exciting presence in the landscape that surrounds the winery.

Even though this sculpture is made of steel and is firmly rooted in the ground, Soloman wanted the elements of the sculpture to feel almost weightless and to float in the air above the viewer. Images in his paintings frequently have this floating quality. Much of the “action” of the sculpture happens above the heads of the audience. The stones that form the base of the sculpture act as visual weight that adds stability to the sculpture as the top flies free.

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