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Chrissy Nickerson

Marvel, LK Pool from Above, 2024

Marvel, LK Pool from Above, 2024

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Chrissy Nickerson Collection

About Chrissy Nickerson

Chrissy Nickerson is a mid-career artist. After studying in Italy and Alberta, she graduated with 2 University Degrees from NSCAD, her BFA as well as a Bachelor of Design, Major in Environmental Planning affiliated with DalTec, Dalhousie University, The Artist has won awards including the Spot Light Award at the Mayor Awards in Canmore 2015, Award of Emerging Artist of the Year (2007) and the Best of the Bow numerous times from 2013-23. Chrissy has completed self directed artist residencies as well, The Banff Centre in 2008, the Ted Harrison Retreat in Carcross, Yukon, 2010, Gushul Studio, Blairmore,2021, and The Annex, Castine, Maine 2023.

“Chrissy’s work has decisive brushwork, impasto oil paint, and an interventionist geometric interaction with the natural world. Her work is exciting, beautiful, muscular, luscious and innovative.” GalleryB. Maine.

Primarily a landscape painter Nickerson seeks to communicate issues of habitat preservation, resource management, planning and historical significance through her compositions. As Nickerson holds both American and Canadian passports, she has seasonal studio practice across the continent, spending summers in Maine and Winters at her home studio in the Rocky Mountains. She is represented in Maine, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and her work has been collected to Europe and is within corporate collections across the nation.

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