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John Mann Gallery

Motion, circa 1990s

Motion, circa 1990s


Casted Bronze

18’ x 42” x 24”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009


These three sculptures depict movement, they represent “Ready – Set – Go!”. Originally made from plaster, the works were then casted in a foundry by Karoly’s friend Werner Griese in St. Catharines. In the foundry a sand casting of the three pieces was made; the finishing touches was done by the artist. According to Karoly, the skin of the sculpture must be as precise as a definition in the written word. With the collaboration of the foundry, for many years Karoly was able to experiment and develop many complex patina recipes to generate colours and textures which require chemicals and specific temperatures of the bronze to work effectively.

Critical Review by Brooks Joyner:

“His work is strongly influenced by the post-cubistic European sculpture of Brancusi, Lipshitz and Moore. Veress works with smoothly flowing curvilinear lines, organic bonelike shapes and overlapping concave and convex polished surfaces. His work has dynamic strength and massiveness even for small pieces and his sense of volume and internal space is accomplished through what can be described as a balance of opposites, that draws directly from the interaction of two bodies. His work is strongly style conscious and might be considered proudly derivative of modern European biomorphic sculpture. ‘If you try to give a definition in sculpture you must be as precise as the written word’.”

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