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John Mann Gallery




weathering steel

80” x 29” x 24”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since ___


With an interest in the pinecone not only for its complicatedly, beautiful, geometric, natural form but also for the fact that it is a seed; Floyd explores a seed’s reason for being. The seed’s central goal of colonization is reaffirmed by the fact that this large metal pinecone has more in common with machinery and artillery than the natural shapes it resembles.

In 2005 his giant steel pinecones went viral. Requests for his work started coming from France, Russia and the U.K. People often ask if he’s tired of making metal pinecones but their natural beauty provokes constant wonder. A conceptual artist at heart, Elzinga admits he’s like a kid when finding a pinecone on a walk.

“Ill bring it home and put it on a shelf. Nature made such a beautiful little thing. It has 20 or 100 seeds and all those seeds are potential trees and the idea of that potential in this spiraling systematical scaled object in your hand, well I love that. And it’s mobile. I love that.”

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