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John Mann Gallery

Rising to the Light, 2021

Rising to the Light, 2021


painted aluminum

approx.15’ x 12’


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2021


This painted aluminum wall sculpture is positioned on the north side wall of the 13th Street Gallery. The sculpture reinforces the identity of the building as an art gallery and announces the position of the entrance to the gallery space.

This dynamic work of art functions as a preview of the many colourful and exciting works of art to be found in the gallery itself. Like Dan’s other sculpture on the grounds of the 13th Street Winery, Martha’s Vineyard, the three coloured shapes in the piece seem to defy gravity and float freely in an imaginary space. The sculpture animates the space of the vast white wall and is large enough to be noticed from all parts of the 13th Street property. The design and colour of the three shapes creates a playful illusion of an open and unlimited space where there is an opportunity for creativity and inspiration to flourish.

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