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Matthias Bork (MABO)

Symphony. 2024 (A14)

Symphony. 2024 (A14)

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Matthias Bork (MABO) Collection

About Matthias Bork (MABO)

Matthias Bork (MABO) was born and educated in Germany and is descended as far back as 1850 from a family of artists. Bork has studied art in Germany, Canada and Mexico. He became a full-time artist in 2000, but has painted continually since the 1970’s. He is a professionally trained baker, pastry chef, chocolatier and food stylist. Bork’s “food art”, which he learned in Europe, is described as edible creations.

Matthias specializes in non-objective mixed media in addition to oil or acrylic on canvas and paper, furniture and large murals. He has been showing internationally with clients in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, the USA, Australia and Mexico. MABO has received critical acclaim and recognition for his work from local businesses, municipal officials such as the City of Thorold, and the Niagara Region’s chair. He has been given the “Best local Artist” award every single year since 2019. One international award of special significance includes an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from Emil Brunner University for his 30-plus years in the arts.

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