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John Mann Gallery

The Hunt, 2015

The Hunt, 2015


laser-cut, welded, weathered steel

96” x 96” x 480”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2015


The original installation included a pack of five wolves in welded steel pursuing a buck. The first limited edition of 5 was installed at 13th Street Winery in November of 2015 and the owners chose not to install the buck; they felt the pack of wolves on a hunt was a strong enough imagery.

This work by Ken Hall explores the intersection of nature and culture, The Hunt examines the discord between our primal instincts and social expectations. By capturing a sense of realism in this work, Hall plays on our natural fight or flight response.  The Hunt was awarded the prestigious Reed Cooper Bursary for Visual Arts.

Artist Statement:

At the intersection of art and science, artist Ken Hall’s evocative and engaging public installations bring people together – provoking collective thought and discussion, while examining our relationships to each other and the natural world. Teeming with energy and movement, Ken’s pieces explore complex social and ecological issues in an uplifting and inclusive fashion, becoming talismans of awareness and change.

About The Artist:

Ken Hall was born in Toronto and educated at the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering and Fine Arts. Ken’s work is characterized by his ability to exploit a wide range of media, allowing him to seek out the fundamental form of expression for each piece, ranging from public sculpture to interactive digital artwork. Hall chooses to focus on creating large scale public installation artwork. Concerned about modern society’s dislocation from the natural world, he addresses key issues by creating pieces with environmental themes.

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