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John Mann Gallery

Necklace, circa 1990s

Necklace, circa 1990s


painted sheet metal

135” x 80’ x 5.5”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009


This sculpture was formed out of thick sheets of metal that was hammered, welded, and painted; a technique developed by Karoly. Producing work with sheet metal takes tremendous strength and endurance, Karoly would hold the heavy metal with one hand while wielding a heavy hammer with the other.

This piece represents the many elements of Karoly’s life: The plum is life cut off suddenly (when Karoly was forced to leave Hungary after the revolution). The yellow symbolizes hope. The red is love. The black is war and revolution and resulting to tears. The orange is the warmth and shelter.

Veress’ work, although prompted by personal experiences, spontaneously decouples from the present and evolves into a deeper, almost generically human expression. What the artist expresses in his sculpture relates to all of us, and transcends generations, cultures, and races – this is what gives Veress’ work a timeless truth.

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