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John Mann Gallery

Wings, circa 2000

Wings, circa 2000

painted sheet metal

74” x 67” x 14”


13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009


“The design is a product of my experiences, of my feelings, and an accumulation of frequent themes of my work over the years. We often depict and symbolize freedom as acts of human courage. In this design I symbolize freedom in wings, partly protecting, and sheltering, but foremost enabling us to rise above the daily confusions. These wings sometimes lift us up out of a monstrous historic context into a state where all that remains is just one commitment: to human values, to the dignity of all human beings. This is what I consider to be freedom.” Karoly Veress

For Veress sculpting was more than a discovery; it was an explosion of exploring human emotions, not through words but through form. He emphasizes that work not only reflects the time of its creation, but must also have a timeless truth.

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